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Legal compliance management

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Environment, Transport & Planning has an extensive experience in consultancy services related to SHT and Industrial Safety. Its team of Senior Occupational Health and Safety Technicians is essential to provide the best possible service to its customers.

As it recognises in depth the needs of the organisations, Environment, Transport & Planning guarantees adequate technical solutions adjusted to the nature and dimension of its customers' activities.


The Environment, Transport & Planning team is qualified to carry out the Assessment of Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX).

Our methodology promotes the evaluation of the organisation's workplace where this type of environment can be developed, as established in the D.L nº 236/2003, of September 30th.

Our action consists of the evaluation of workplaces according to the D.L No. 236/2003 (ATEX directive):

  • Identification of ATEX zones and assessment of explosion risks, in the current installation layout;
  • Identification/survey of equipment with Ex marking, in the current installation layout

The goals to be achieved are:

  • Classification of ATEX Zones.
  • Report Editing.
  • Preparation of Action Plan.

Risk Management

Environment, Transport & Planning has a transversal understanding that allows it to support companies in their strategy.

The support provided in this area aims to protect the Organization from the most significant risks and to ensure business durability.

  • Identification and analysis of the organisation's risks
  • Development of the organisation's risk profile
  • Development and implementation of Mitigation Plans
  • Development and implementation of Contingency Plans
  • Development and implementation of the Business Durability Plan.

External SST Services

Environment, Transport & Planning has been providing external work safety services since 2010.

ETP is authorized by the Working Conditions Authority (WCA) to carry out activities in the industrial, trade and services sectors.

Its authorisation covers the provision of external work safety services for high-risk activities, in accordance with art.79 - wich involves the use or storage of significant quantities of hazardous chemical products likely to cause serious accidents.

Service Phases

  1. Execution of an initial audit of legal compliance within the field of compliance with the legal requirements of Health and Safety at Work, along with the development of a Report and Corrective Action Plan.
  2. Execution of an assessment of job risks, along with the development of a Report and annual update.
  3. Development of the Occupational Risk Prevention Plan, identifying the prevention measures corresponding to the risk assessment which was carried out.
  4. Support in the implementation of the Fire Safety Plan, and its update when necessary.
  5. Periodic verification of the conservation/maintenance state of safety signs, work equipment and personal protection equipment (if any).
  6. Support in the design and development of information and training programs to promote safety and health at work.
  7. Information and consultation support for activities regarding employees' (or their representatives) safety and hygiene at work.
  8. Provision and support for filling in the data regarding Annex D of the Single Report (annual report on the activity of the occupational health and safety service).
  9. Support in the analysis of occupational accidents and their causes, including a mandatory complaint to authorities, if applicable

SCIE Services

Self-protection measures are a mandatory safety element in every building.

ETP has a broad experience in the preparation of SCIE projects and self-protection measures regarding buildings and premises classified in the various risk categories and standard uses.

ETP provides technical support in the operationalisation of self-protection measures, namely in the development of emergency plans, training, signalling and monitoring of inspections by the competent authorities.

Registration No. 142 under Decree No. 773/2009.

Product Storage

Environment, Transport & Planning, by taking safety in consideration, provides support in all activities related to product storage:

  • Organization of chemical warehouses
  • Storage Plans
  • Training and awareness actions for the handling of chemical products' insurance
  • Action against spills
  • Chemical Risks

Permits - Licensing

Environment, Transport & Planning supports companies, regardless of the sector of activity in which they operate (industry, commerce and services, waste management, …), in the licensing process:

  • Organization of the licensing processes along with competent authorities.
  • Preparation and submission of all applicable documentation.
  • Monitoring the entire process with the competent authorities until obtaining the Permit.

Preparation of Documents - in accordance with REACH

The services provided by ETP in this field are intended to comply with the provisions of the following regulations:

Our services include:

  1. Identification of the role of each entity (company) within the Regulation.
  2. Elaboration of the inventory of chemical substances and preparations of the company.
  3. Identification of substances covered by the Regulation.
  4. Identification, for each substance and preparation covered, of its position in the supply chain (manufacturer, importer, downstream user, …)
  5. Identification, for each substance and preparation, of its consumers and respective suppliers.
  6. Characterisation of the composition of each preparation, including CAS, EINECS or ELINCS numbers of the component substances.
  7. Compilation of the uses and conditions of each substance and preparation use.
  8. Preparation of pre-registration and registration files, for each substance.
  9. Electronic submission of the process.
  10. Communication of information along the supply chain (upstream and downstream).

Environment, Transport & Planning supports its customers in complying with all the legal requirements associated with placing goods on the market through:

  • Translation and Issuance of Product Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
  • Translation and compliance verification of Product Safety Data Sheets.
  • Edition of new Safety Data Sheets for Preparations.
  • Management of SDS along with the Competent Authorities, in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Organisation and verification of labeling compliance.

Phytopharmaceuticals and Biocides
ETP's specialized consultancy focuses on the following topics:

  • Organization of chemical warehouses.
  • Storage Plans.
  • Training and awareness actions for the safe handling of Chemical Products.
  • Action in case of a spill.
  • Chemical Risks.