Legal Compliance Management

Why compliance management?

Every single organisation is faced with the necessity to comply with legal requirements and hence, to guarantee the legal compliance of their activity. Legal compliance applies not only to the environment, but also to health and safety at work.

Additionally, many organizations still have to establish compliance with the requirements imposed by the customers or the community. By this, we mean supplier qualification systems or social responsibility.

On this basis, the implementation of a compliance management system is the most effective way to ensure continuous compliance, mainly because it supports mitigating the risks as well as contributes to the sustainability of the business.

Therefore, when implementing the system, you will achieve:

  • On one hand, you will reduce the default risk
  • On the other hand, you will improve the organisation's credibility with customers, partners, employees and other interested parties.

Process Phases

Identification and analysis of the relevance of national and community diplomas applicable to organisations - Daily update

Provision of a Compliance Matrix for compliance assessment (expiration date of compliance and evidence of compliance)

Compliance Management Tools (tasks, calendars, records, online consulting)

Our service is unique

When choosing a legal compliance management service, the first criterion to be considered is the technical competence of the consultants. Therefore, consultants must, in essence, have proven experience in the area, and be qualified and updated professionals.

In addition, technological evolution has consistently brought new tools and transformed organizations' working methods. In fact, the “new digital world” transforms this activity and consequently, the approach to provide this kind of service. Thus, the new productivity materials help consultants and interlocutors in organisations to have better access to information.

Essentially, our solutions promote productivity and facilitate communication and activity management within organisations.

For these reasons, we assure you that our service is unique. Our service combines all of this. Try it!


The TCMS® service is intended, primarily, to ensure compliance with the legal requirements suitable to each company in the chosen sectors, relevant to the respective activity (environment, health and safety at work and/or food safety). Compliance with legal requirements imposes an improvement in performance in each of the areas covered by our service, according to the company's needs.